In Rainbows - Live from the basement
I recorded this Radiohead from the basement performance on VH1 late night a few weeks ago. There aren't too many bands that sound even better live, but Radiohead is one of them. I was secretly wishing that this would be released on disc, since I've watched it a few times now. So, I was really thrilled to find out yesterday that they've released these live tracks on itunes this week. It's a gorgeous live album peformance: In Rainbows - From the Basement. I had it on a loop yesterday in the studio, it's just so good I had to share.


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"Oagers are like onions, but artists are like Matryoshka dolls."

This very clever quote (10 points if you can guess which movie) and gorgeous set of hand painted dolls were left for me on my desk in our studio at PaPaYa! this Monday from Anahata before she left for her summer trip to Belize. I love her thoughtful ingenuity, it was a brilliant start to my week.

I'll leave you all with the creative to-do list she left for me, feel free to pick a few ideas for yourself too:

Use Fridays for creative studio time.
refill your cup.
Eat Chocolate (preferably ginger).
drink coffee.
close doors.
make mess.
do artwork for you.
take pictures of mess.
email them to me along with good jokes.
go to garage sales and get dirty.
and do something scary every day.
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make your mark

After shooting photographs of Teesha Moore's zine Art and Life for the Summer edition of PaPaYa!'s catalog last week I couldn't stop feasting my eyes on her pages upon pages of inspiring quotes and indulging on the great tips she writes about her creative process. I most loved her advice on how to get past a creative block. "Start by making a mark."

Simple advice that really resonated with me this weekend.

Anahata gave me two of her favorite signo white uniball pens to try a few months ago. This was the first time I had the chance to use them, and was so thrilled. They really add so much dimension to drawings, I love how the linework pops against the bright prismacolor inks.
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Selina Lake's: Bazaar Style
(photos via: Selina Lake's online portfolio)

Just before I left for my recent trip to New York, Selina Lake's new book:
Bazaar Style: Decorating With Market and Vintage Finds arrived in my mailbox. I was smiling from ear to ear, as it's just my cup of my tea. It showcases unique spaces decorated with vintage, retro and flea-market finds. Total Bliss!

(photos via flickr community: bazaar style)

I first came across Selina's interior styling portfolio through flickr, when she added me as a contact. (Can you see, why I love that site so much??!!) She's created a group there to showcase rooms that have been inspired by the bazaar style aesthetic, and to answer questions about her book. You can join her group here, and be inspired too!

To gain more insight into Selina Lake's profession as an interior stylist, you can also read a fantastic interview she did with one of my favorite design bloggers Decor 8.


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