This garden is truely Liliputian. Creating small scale gardens takes little know-how, but a lot of creativity!

What type of garden do you want to build?

A Zen garden with fine sand, miniature japanese bridges, and bonzai trees.

A Formal garden, filled with pathways, fountains, and sculptural urns.

A country garden, filled with tiny birdhouses, terracotta pots, and twig furniture.

Or perhaps a Modern Garden with geometric shapes.

It's best to devise a plan, before you hit your local garden center. Think of all the plants you might want to use to correlate with your theme. In the formal style garden above, I created a checkerboard pattern with two different types of Irish moss. (* I used a steak knife to cut the groundcover into squares.)

SHOPPING TIP: Dollhouse supply retailers are the best for garden statuary, fountains, etc...they are much cheaper than buying miniatures at garden shops!

Making things for your garden!

  • All you need are a few little twigs and wire to make tiny fences.
  • Broken up brick and tile make wonderful pathways.
  • Small figurines can be made using Fimo Clay and paint.
  • Balsa wood is great for making picket fences, and arbors.